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Short essay about van gogh

The life story of Vincent van Gogh

Free Essay: Vincent Van Gogh Vincent Van Gogh; a well known name by for the arts in his short career, a career which only lasted ten years (Preble ). Free Essays from Bartleby, Vincent Van Gogh is now one of the most famous and The fact that Vincent Van Gogh sold only one painting during his brief life. Vincent van Gogh, the eldest son of a Dutch Reformed minister and a bookseller's daughter, pursued various vocations, including that of an art dealer and. Free Vincent van Gogh papers, essays, and research papers. During his stay Van Gogh was also given a small studio for painting. [tags: Vincent van Gogh. Vincent van Gogh was one of the world's greatest artists, with paintings Van Gogh's love life was nothing short of disastrous: He was attracted.

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Indeed, although much of Van Gogh's oeuvre is highly emotive, certain aspects of the artist's later work remain true to a certain stylistic formula consisting of elements derived from Japonisme and Cloisinisme; Van Gogh's use of complementary colours based on various influences; and his view of the spiritual power inherent in nature.

These elements were continually employed by Van Gogh during the last four years of his life, and are short essay about van gogh visible in his vibrant and luxurious oil painting of the Irises, fig. This essay seeks to explore the place of the Irises in Van Gogh's oeuvre, and the relationship of the work to Van Gogh's view of nature; the stylistic elements that compose the Irises, and the relationship of these formal elements to Van Gogh's view of nature; and lastly, the role of Japanese art, Cloisinisme, and colour in Van Gogh's working method, and how these techniques appear in the Irises and how they relate to the notion of Van Gogh's art being fully generated out of his madness.

The breadth of Van Gogh's artistic production is impressive, especially when one considers that he was artistically active for only ten years This period in his artistic production is marked by tempestuous lines, sharp, vibrant colours, and heavy, dark outlines.

It was nature that Van Gogh turned to during his periods of tranquillity Walther In this way, Van Gogh's art during this short essay about van gogh is empirical: a constant examination of nature for its underlying meaning.

The artist himself stated the need for nature in his work and life: " Thus, Van Gogh may have intended to render nature in the Irises in this way: by illustrating the intense spiritual power in nature while simultaneously expressing the calm and tranquil consolation that nature provided him with. His inner torment during this period has been a well-documented and interpreted phenomenon, and, consequently, Van Gogh's work from this period has been shrouded in a veil of insanity.

This is not to say that there is no madness inherent in the artist's works, but rather that there is a certain method that Van Gogh used during the last four years of his life that helped to give his paintings their expressive power.

The first element which Van Gogh was to exploit and apply to his painting style were the prints made from Japanese woodblocks.