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Persuasive essay reading books

Why You Should Read Books, The Benefits of Reading More (animated)

The dynamism exhibited by the events in the novel match the inconsistency of human nature and the tendency for humans to follow the cyclical pattern of the world in a way that books, which encompass a finite amount of time and include a beginning and an end, cannot. Just as Anne would like to imagine the moral fortitude imparted by books on Captain Benwick and the ill in their sick chambers, Sir Walter Elliot would like to freeze the world in time so that the old order of rank and respectability, in which his identity is based, may be preserved forever.

Thus, while Sir Walter may be persuasive essay reading books to find refuge in reading, it is because his favorite book mirrors his own desires back to him. No amount of re-reading will stop the progress of the world. In these lines of the novel, Austen completes our utter removal from the world in which literature and books are the ultimate authority.

In these final scenes, Austen markedly establishes the fact that reading can only get us so far. The events of the real world can never be fully encompassed in literature, and we cannot turn to reading as our only means of edification and improvement.

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It is a disappointment that people read books less often in these days of widespread technological reliance (Siam, Book Stats: Why We Should. Check out our essay example on The importance of reading books to start writing !.