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Literature review of partial differential equation

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Redish Student Understanding of Topics in Differential Equations Although differential equations is a critical course for the study of many scientific and engineering subjects there has been very little research on student understanding of the subject. The literature that presently exists mainly includes suggestions for a revised course in differential equations.

We have found three papers dealing with the teaching of differential equations using computers. Both William Boyce and Paul Blanchard have employed the use of computers in a revised differential equations course. Students enrolled in the traditional differential equations class learn how to become proficient in symbolic calculations and show little understanding of the basic concepts involved, according to both Boyce and Blanchard.

The course, in general, exclusively deals with the derivation of formulas for the solutions to different types of differential equations and the students become proficient at certain symbolic calculations but there is little understanding of basic concepts. In the traditional course the differential equations that are solved are those for which a closed form of solution exists and we therefore only deal with a subset of differential equations.

LITERATURE REVIEW. The study of Partial Differential Operators was given a fresh look Hungary) ()], the Partial Differential Equations having the form -. Harnack's Inequality for Elliptic and Parabolic PDE (project/literature review) The KdV equation is a simple nonlinear partial differential equation governing.