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Transition Words in English, Linking Words and Phrases, English Writing

How NOT to Write an Essay Although good grammar, a wide range of vocabulary and attention to mechanical details like spelling and punctuation are important, most of the grade for your essay does not come from these. Obviously knowledge of your subject is vital, but it is not enough in itself; students may have all the knowledge in their heads, but essay writing phrases university lose grades through bad writing.

Empty writing Some sentences contain no real information, or so little that they are not worth writing or reading. Over-generalisation Generalisations are necessary in writing, but it is important not to overdo this. Subjectivity and dogmatism Although phrases like "I think" and "In my opinion" are occasionally used in academic writing, it is not a good idea to use them when drawing conclusions, since these make your writing sound too subjective, and actually weaken your argument.

In fact, when they are used in academic writing, it is precisely for this purpose: "I think" means "I think but I'm not sure"; "in my opinion" means "this is only my opinion, and other essay writing phrases university have other opinions. If not everyone agrees on something, acknowledge this; do not present something as certain unless it really is certain, otherwise your writing will seem dogmatic.

Phrases like "it seems that", "it is possible that", and "it can be argued that" are useful here. In general, try to avoid modals of obligation, such as "should" and "must", unless the essay task specifically asks you to advise on a course of action e.

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