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Essay how to make new friends

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The process of “making a friend” is a very unique process. In which, it depends on the person who is trying to become friends with you, his gender, and his age. Essay – How to make a new friend>. Rachel. Friends are one of the most crucial factors to live a happy life. Making new friends is.

Keeping old friends is more important than making new friends. Write your essay in examples and details. Undeniably, both old friends and new ones are essential to leading a harmony and healthy social life, yet keeping relationship with old friends outweighs that with the later ones. For the sake of time and efficiency, hanging out with old friends are more convinient as we are already familiar with each other.

Without all the risks we may burden when meeting new friends, we can just enjoy our time. Moreover, all the time we spent with and all the things we've been through with old friends make them more trustworthy, which is a crucial virtue we seek in friends.

Within such long a period of observation, we are assured of our friends' personality and credit. On the contray, new friends are less predictable as we just get to know them.