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Essay about a basketball player

7 NBA Players Who Are In The “Hall of Very Good”

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First, Basketball provides its athletes with an exhilarating rush and provides a hint of competition. Secondly, Basketball also teaches someone on how to work as a team. There are many people in this world that have NBA basketball players as there role models in their life. The reason people's role models are basketball player is because they are so exciting to watch them perform.

Some people have a role model of a NBA basketball player, an example like that would be the greatest, Michael Jordan. Things he could do with a basketball in his hand are one of the finest things to watch. These main arguments on the game of basketball prove to be the best sport in the world.

A working definition of psychological distress as a non-pathological emotional essay about a basketball player to injury was developed and characteristics, related concepts, antecedents, and consequences were defined.

Thematic analysis found that the four sources of psychological distress were: 1 uncertainty about issues such as future function, 2 disruption to daily life and roles, 3 questions relating to legitimacy, and 4 impact on identity.